I just work with lawyers ok

Sometimes law and Lawyers and law offices are a little over glorified. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do. But sometimes life has a way of making a good thing seem pretty awful. 

I don’t even work in the exciting law area. No crime or lawsuits for me. Just houses. And banks. And credit unions. I love it but I hate it. Too much organizing which I’m awful at. And then I come home to organize my own place and then go to bed. Where’s the time to do this thing called life. It just seems a little stupid that I spend the majority of my time sitting in a chair staring at a screen.

I wish I could get off my ass and run or go to the gym. But of course it’s rainy Vancouver and heaven forbid I’m seen trying to run in a room full of strangers. Tough life I know. Honestly though it’s hard sometimes even when you know you have it easy. Because you want it to be hard but fun. My life is average, easy, and dull. But I really want to change that. I want it to be average, challenging, and exciting.

I’m gonna try. Like yoga every day, more walks, and other random stuff that people do that aren’t eating and watching TV shows while moaning that life sucks. Life is going to suck until effort is put into it. I used Tobe motivated by getting away from something. And that’s not really fun but at least it keeps you going. I’ve decided to try and be motivated for something. First of all me because I owe myself that. Hopefully in the future I can think of more and more things to keep me moving.

I’ll keep you posted. For now law girl out!